Timothy Lorenz, B.S., CCRC

Study Coordinator

Timothy joined the Oakland Medical Research Team in May of 2009. As one of the research coordinators, he has a wide history of clinical research experience, in which he has worked in canine toxicology and has worked with copepods from fresh water streams in Michigan. Timothy graduated from Western Michigan University where he majored in Biomedical Sciences.

Julie Lafave, CCRC, LPN, RMA

Director, Medical Research

JulieJo Lafave is the founder and Department director of Oakland Medical Research Center. She is responsible for organizing all aspects of a medical/pharmaceutical research project and for supervising all research within the company. She oversees employees develops new research prospects that will benefit the company which include pursuing new clinical trials, recruitment of participants, collecting data and managing all calendars as they relate to each project.

Julie is a Licensed Practical Nurse, holds a Bachelors of Health Care Research, and is a Certified Research Coordinator. Furthermore, she is affiliated with both the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) and Society of Clinical Research Association (SOCRA). Additionally, Julie is educated in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) as well as other various research trainings. She has also been nominated by the National Association of Professional Women for the advancements and accomplishments of women helping the community.

Having spent the last 11 years as research coordinator and 4 years as department director, she has lead well over forty clinical trials in various therapeutic areas. This experience has taught her the importance of providing patients with care when their healthcare won’t.

Prior to starting Oakland Medical Research Center, Julie spent 20 years as a surgical nurse and the last 7 years at William Beaumont Hospital. Currently, she also works at UniSource Surgery Center as a contingent surgical nurse, believing that she has a duty to retain all the skills and trainings she possesses.

Julie is passionate about research and all of its possibilities which provides the support of scientific objectives within each study. This helps pharmaceutical companies develop new medications to improve and better understand diseases, as well as the safety and efficacy of any drug or treatment.

In conducting clinical trials, Julie helps patients with their various illnesses by providing: healthcare, education of the disease, provides devices and testing supplies patients need to maintain their health, as well as medications that are a necessary for the patient to sustain their everyday living at no charge. This helps ease the pressure of having no insurance. In many instances the patients will also get stipend to help with travel expenses and time required for their participation.

After a successful career of her own and feeling the need to help, Julie is now facilitating other medical offices to develop their own research departments to achieve the same success. This will aid by reaching out to help as many people as she can.